Review: Makeup Mekka cosmetics (EN)

Hi allemaal! In een blogpost van een aantal dagen geleden liet ik je al enkele producten van Makeup Mekka zien. Dit is een exclusief Noors merk waar ik in korte tijd echt verliefd op geworden. Ik laat je vandaag een heleboel producten zien! Ik review deze producten in het Engels zodat iedereen uit Noorwegen het ook kan lezen :-)

Hi everyone! Today i'm going to talk about Makeup Mekka. This brand is available in Norway only, so my review will be in English. Please note that English is not my first language. I am a Dutch journalist :-) There might be mistakes, don't be afraid to tell me i suck at writing in English (and correct me).

The products you see on the picture (setting powder and brow pomade) are available for a special price (50NOK) at the website right now, so be quick! The perfect brow pomade reminds me a lot of the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. I do own the Dipbrow, so i will compare them later on.

Btw, if you want to check out all the prices, go to this post.

The highlighter contains 4 different colours. I love them all, especially the white and champagne one (top and second one at the top). They feel smooth on the skin and blend very nicely. I do not use the dark bronzy colour because i find that one a little too dark as a highlight on my fair skin. I've used this product in a full face look that i'll show you later on. It stays on like a dream!

Also, it looks like a cool pizza with big slices. I love pizza.

Face powder is something i REALLY love and need because my face turns into a discoball during the day. I actually like the Makeup Mekka setting powder. There is not a lot of colour showing up on my light skin (i do not recommend this for darker skin) but it is not transparent. I like how this keeps me matte for about 4-5 hours. I do need a touch up, but that's nothing special. I need a touch up with every powder in this world. I just really like to shine. Like stars. And stuff.

I also bought an affordable konjac sponge. I loved trying this cheap little thing because the original one is pretty expensive. This made my skin feel so soft! Like the cheeks of a chubby baby.

The only thing i did not like is that it took a couple of days for it to turn dry again.

Next up are some lipsticks, another brow product, a brush and a make-up sponge. I adore the maximum brows! This product makes my brows solid as rocks, they just don't go anywhere during the day. The lipsticks were a package deal (29NOK) so i did not choose these colours myself. It was so cheap, i just couldn't hold back, lol. They look so much like the MAC Cremesheen finish lipsticks, i couldn't believe my eyes. The light one, called 'Push', is exactly the same as MAC Creme Cup. Trust me on this.

About the tools: the blender is HUGE. SO HUGE. I honestly prefer my Zoeva foundation brush over this because it works quicker, but the blender does provide a flawless coverage on the skin. The 411 brush is a brush i fell in love with. The brush makes contouring so easy and it works awesome with my Estee Lauder bronzer. There's a 'but': i washed it and it smells horrible right now! Like glue and fungus, ehhh! I don't know how to fix that...

Look at that light pink shade! It looks sooooo much like MAC Creme Cup. The other one is called 'OMG' and is a very bright coral shade.

Last but not least is the brow pomade by Makeup Mekka. I. LOVE. THIS. SO. MUCH. I own the Dipbrow pomade by Anastasia, but i prefer the brow pomade by Makeup Mekka. BAM. I just said it! No turning back. This stays on soooo well, it is really pigmented and it is not clumpy like the Anastasia one. I got the wrong shade (i needed light medium, the lady at Makeup Mekka gave me medium), but it suits my eyebrows fine now that i've used Refectocil (dye). I use an eyeliner brush by Morphe to apply the product. It stays on VERY well during the day.

'Push' lipstick (L) and 'OMG' lipstick (R).

In the pictures i am wearing everything (except the brushes because you know, i can't really wear them, but i've used them) i talked about before.

This brand is amazing. There is not one product i am not excited about, except for the fact that i hate how my 411 brush smells after cleaning it. Everything is affordable and the quality is great. I want more! The one thing that makes me sad is that Makeup Mekka does not ship to other countries- only Norwegians are lucky. If you have friends or family in Norway or you are planning to visit Oslo, please find your way to the Konowsgate or the website! You will not regret it.

Did you know this brand? What is your first impression?

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  1. Liefde voor die highlighter met vier verschillende kleuren! En ik vind die twee verschillende kleuren ook héél erg gaaf en die staan je beiden ook erg mooi :)

  2. Wat een geweldige highlighter. Eerlijk gezegd vind ik alle producten er gewoon goed uit zien. Super leuke review ook!

  3. Ziet er allemaal echt super goed uit!

  4. Weer een nieuw merk, ik zie dit nu voor het eerst! Het ziet er allemaal er goed uit. Die quad en lipsticks zijn het meest opvallend :D

  5. Vind er niks mis mee, met je Engels ;) Goed gedaan! Die highlighters, pretty!


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